Sunday December 20 * Christmas Pageant

9:30 am * Pageant Eucharist and Celebration Sunday
Our normal service schedule is suspended, and we gather for ONE worship service at 9:30 am, with a Christmas Pageant, Children's Choir, Festive Brass and Adult Choir.
After the service, we'll "Green the Church," have a light lunch, and go out Christmas Caroling to homebound members and friends.

Thursday December 24 * Christmas Eve

4:30 pm * Family Eucharist
Familiar carols, children's choir, children's sermon, and family friendly candlelight communion service to start the holy night off right for all ages.

11 pm * Candlelight Eucharist
Familiar hymns and a quiet communion service by candlelight, sharing the deep hours of this holy night.

Friday December 24 * Christmas Day

10 am * Christmas Eucharist
Familiar hymns and a quiet communion service to celebrate the morning of Christ's birth, an oasis of peace and holy joy amid the busy celebrations of the day.

Sunday December 29

9:30 am * Morning Prayer
One worship service at 9:30 am, a morning prayer service with carols and reflection.

Our regular Sunday schedule, with Eucharist at 8 am and 10:15 am, resumes on January 3, 2016