Love Heals

Right here in our neighborhoods, women are abused and intimidated into prostitution. Many become victims of sex trafficking when they flee abuse at home. Others are taught from a young age that they are worthless, and selling their bodies for money or drugs is the only way to survive. The sex trafficking industry destroys lives, crushes spirits, and damages our community.

What if there were a place of refuge, a chance to start again, here in the suburbs of Chicago?
The Magdalene House project, begun in Tennessee and now spreading across the US, offers women a new chance at life.  Providing housing, trauma services, treatment, and vocational training, Magdalene House will offer hope, love, and new life to women who have no other way out.

At Calvary, we’re raising money this Lent to help "pour the foundation" for Magdalene House Chicago, to create a place of healing and transformation. A “block” in this project costs only $15.  Want to change lives?  Help us build a home where love heals!

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