Faithful servants of Calvary and the Lord

Ways to get involved at Calvary



Have you ever wondered how many times the word “Sing” is mentioned in the Bible?

Calvary’s choir director, was curious and looked it up. It is mentioned 121 times and is the most recorded of the commandments, to sing to the Lord. The count rises to 209 if you use the New English version of the Bible.

We are a busy group of people! In addition to our weekly choir anthems, we invite musicians to join us for festive occasions. We performed an original “rap” song followed by a piece with brass quartet in celebration of Bishop Lee’s visit. We recently performed the Faure Requiem  for All Saints' Sunday with the choirs from First United Methodist Church and First Church of Lombard.

Our choir rehearses each Sunday morning at 9:00. There are no auditions. The only requirements are that you love singing, can match pitch, and can climb the stairs to the choir loft.neighbors, and others beyond our Sunday community.


Worship Ministers

Acolytes are children and youth, age 10 and up, who serve at the altar at our 10:15 and special worship services. They carry the cross and gospel book in the processions, assist the priest to set the altar for communion, ring the Sanctus bells that highlight the Eucharistic Prayer, and help the priest in many small ways. Acolytes have hands-on responsibility for many things that highlight and support our worship together.

Chalice Bearers assist the priest at the altar by serving the wine at communion. They may also help to prepare the altar during the service, and serve in other ways to highlight and support the prayer of the congregation.

Intercessors Calvary has two kinds of intercessors. One group leads the congregation's public prayers during the worship service. Another group offers individual prayer for healing, guidance or any other need during communion at our 10:15 worship service.

Lectors prepare the Bible readings we hear each Sunday in worship. They offer the Word of God to the congregation to help us hear what God is saying to the church.

Ushers welcome people to worship at Calvary, making sure that they have service bulletins, find seats, are comfortable and oriented in our building, guide the movement to the altar at communion, and collect and present our offerings to God.

Daughters of the King

The Daughters of the King is an international religious order for women of the Episcopal Church,  those in communion with it, or churches in the historic episcopate. The Mission of the Order is in the extension of Christ's kingdom through Prayer, Service, and Evangelism.

Calvary's Castle Chapter was chartered over 70 years ago and presently has 12 members who meet the third Saturday of each month in the parish hall at 10 AM. During our meeting we pray together for those in need of healing, conduct a Bible study, and have fellowship. You may contact the church office for further information about the Daughters of the King at Calvary Episcopal Church, Lombard.



"Vestry" is the Episcopalian term for the board of lay members who work with the Rector (Epsicopalian for the primary priest or pastor of the congregation) to oversee the life and business of the congregation.

Vestry members are elected for three-year terms, and each Vestry member acts as a liason and leader for one area of Calvary's ministry such as Formation, Outreach, Fellowship, Buildings, or Events. The Vestry is led by a Senior and Junior Warden, each elected for a one-year term. Some of the Vestry responsibilities include finalizing the church budget, overseeing major expenses for the church, and providing leadership for the congregation.

Most importantly the Vestry acts as an advisory team for the Rector. They support the rector in planning and executing his/her vision for the church.