The Parables of Calvary

In July of 2015, a summer Bible Study group met to study the parables of Jesus. At the end of our four week study, we reflected on what we had learned about the kingdom of God and composed our own parables.  

The kingdom of God is like a Cubs fan whose number finally comes up on the season ticket wait list and immediately purchases the most expensive seats available for the next season.

The kingdom of God is like wondering which came first, the chicken or the egg. Both have meaningful purpose and common goal, but no real answer. But both taste good and provide fullness and strength for body and soul.

The kingdom of God is like when I open Facebook and see a post from a friend who just saw Bernie Sanders locally when he should have been in Iowa or New Hampshire, and I was surprised to see that that friend had gone to see Bernie Sanders at all. The kingdom of God is surprise, shock, awe, unique and open to all.

The kingdom of God is like Apple releasing the iPad, designing it to be intuitively easy to use immediately, and refusing to release a user’s manual.

The kingdom of God is like going to the Willow Creek Summit and enjoying it and immediately buying tickets for next year, not knowing who the speakers are going to be or who will be there, expecting but not knowing it will be as good.

The kingdom of God is like a song that a singer learns and loves to sing in the shower. Then he goes and teaches it to a choir and they sing it for an audience.

The kingdom of God is like a book sale. It’s all there, but you must sort the trash from the recyclable from the good.