All God's people are welcome at Calvary


Sunday Schedule

8AM and 10AM Eucharist

Each week we have two Sunday worship services. The 8am service is without music, and the 10am service is with music.

The last Sunday of each month will be one service at 9:30 am. This will usually be an informal breakfast service in the Parish Hall so we can reconnect with each other and have a welcoming space to invite our friends and neighbors to worship.

    Whether you know nothing about the Episcopal Church or you’re a “cradle Episcopalian,” all God’s people are welcome at Calvary and we hope you’ll feel right at home in our worship services. 



      Episcopalians use set prayers and responses for much of the service, with a pattern of worship that has been used among Christians for thousands of years, and is similar to Roman Catholic and Lutheran services.  At most Calvary services, everything you need to participate will be printed in a worship bulletin.

      We celebrate the Holy Eucharist, the sharing of Christ’s Body and Blood in bread and wine, at both services every Sunday, to nourish us for our work in the world.  Baptized Christians of all ages and opinions are welcome at our altar to share Communion.