We are a teaching, preaching, healing community called to grow in the life of God



We don’t expect anyone to know it all; we teach one another. We are curious and practical, exploring questions about the meaning of life as revealed in the Bible or in the daily news, and studying recycling and finance, food and health in the context of our faith.

Children attend our 10:00 worship service, sometimes leading us in prayer and preaching, then move to our classrooms for instruction and fellowship for ages 3 to 16.

Adults gather between the two Sunday services for forums and study series, and in weekday groups at the church or in members’ homes.


Good news isn’t meant to be kept to ourselves. We enjoy sharing stories, new and old. We expect sermons to make us laugh, challenge us to examine new ideas, bring the life of God closer to home, and inspire us for our daily work. Some of us sing our faith. Others make the world beautiful, others build strong foundations: we preach with the work of our hands and hearts as well as with words. We expect our faith community to support us so that we can share inspiration, hope, and strength with friends, neighbors, and others beyond our Sunday community.



Pain happens. Illness and loss, injuries, failure, and loneliness are common wounds in our world. We believe that God gives us to one another to make us whole. All are accepted for who we are, in the love of God. We strive to be a safe place of refreshment and strength.  We offer prayer, companionship, meals, and blankets as needed to those who are hungry, to those who are ill, to those who are lost, and to those just bruised by the hard work of everyday life.

...Called to grow in the life of God.

We’re not done, whether we’re nine or ninety. Through hope and work, we grow closer to God together, and grow as a community. We grow by extending our reach to serve more people, we grow stronger hearts to care for more people, we grow when others grow with us.