Welcome to Calvary!

We are a family of young, old, and somewhere in-between. Together we share both good times and bad. Our goal is simple: to seek and find guidance for daily living in our Sunday worship and then, to bring the Good News out into the world and live it.
We invite you to visit, worship and celebrate with us. All are welcomed here -- YOU are welcomed here!


Beginning September 10, we will have one Sunday worship service at 9:30 a.m.

The Vestry prayerfully considered all 68 surveys we received, as well as the many helpful comments you added, and concluded that we should continue to have just one service on Sunday.

We have been encouraged by having our whole church family together in one service this summer, and we want to maintain that feeling.  In addition, it is a more effective use of our volunteers and of our half-time priest’s hours to have just one service.

We chose the 9:30 time because the majority of those surveyed favored that.  It allows time for choir rehearsal before church, with plenty of time for Formation and coffee after the service.

We will review by December the effectiveness of this schedule.  We could always change again in January if this 9:30 time does not work for us, so please continue to give your feedback to the Vestry as we go through the fall season.


Staying with one worship service on Sunday could mean that people who prefer a quiet service without music would lose that option.  So the Vestry decided to try an experiment this fall:  some of the 9:30 services will be without any singing.  There will be a short organ prelude before the chimes, and some quiet organ music while people come up for Communion and healing prayer, but there will be no singing or other music during the service.

These services without singing are scheduled for September 17, October 8, October 22, and November 12.  If you’ve never experienced the quiet peace of an 8:00 am service, here’s your chance to try it out—at 9:30!

This is an experiment.  It could be brilliant, or it could be the dumbest thing we’ve ever tried.  Only you can tell us!  If you’re tempted to just vote with your feet, please do us the courtesy of giving a verbal explanation (in person or by email, text, or phone message) so that we can properly evaluate this experiment.

Our goal is to recognize and respect the many differences within our Calvary family, and to understand and encourage each other as we live out God’s love to us and our community.

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Attention Singers! Calvary's adult choir will begin rehearsals on September 10th at 8:45 a.m.  We will rehearse every Sunday morning, including those Sundays when there is no music during the service.

Anyone high school age and above is welcome to join us. The only requirements are that you be able to match pitch and be able to climb the stairs to the choir loft.

Please prayerfully consider joining us for fun and fellowship each Sunday morning. There is a chair in the loft just waiting for YOU!  If you have any questions, please contact me. Jeri Kellan, Music Director


Join us for coffee hour each week!

After our worship service All our welcome to join us for coffee, pastries and good conversation in the Parish Hall, to the left of our worship space. This is the time when we come together to get to know each other a little better. If you notice a new face, please go up and introduce yourself. If you are a new face, welcome! We are glad to have everyone with us.


The Love your neighbor day deadline is approaching! On September 23rd Love Your Neighbor is seeking volunteers from local churches and the community who are willing to spend a day helping their neighbors. Service will look like basic cleaning, maintenance, yard work, and more for our neighbors who are physically and/or financially unable to do so. Volunteers physically help while building relationships with both homeowners and other volunteers. If you have any questions feel free to send an email to:  loveyourneighbor15@yahoo.com Volunteer Applications are due by September 2nd.  You can also visit their facebook page.

Listen to recordings of past sermons given by Reverend Maureen O'Connor and other guest speakers