Reach out.   Receive.   Rejoice.

Welcome to Calvary!

This year we celebrate 85 years of active community involvement in Lombard.  Our goal is simple: to find guidance for our daily living in our Sunday worship and then to take the Good News out into the world and live it.
We are a mixed group of young, old, and somewhere in between. We share good times and bad. We invite you to visit, to worship or celebrate with us, and to find out more. 

All are welcomed here! 


Project Pentecost

Beth Fuller says: "Look where the Holy Spirit went today. Two years ago we prayed that Jackson would be well enough to leave the house. Today our prayers and the prayers of others took us to the Magic Kingdom."

Where has Jesus been with you?  Where has the Holy Spirit inspired you?
Send in your pictures, post them on Facebook, or print them out for the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.


Calvary's Core Values:

* We are a compassionate and welcoming church that respects, connects and cares for one another.
* We joyfully share our abundance and gratitude to God by serving our community and the world, striving to make a difference.
* We celebrate traditions to pass on to the next generation with faith, prayer and our commitment to God.